Flat Top Filler - Corner - for 21 Inch Deep Designer Wood Locker
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Our Price: $70.00


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Product Description
Weight: 5 LBS
Width: 24 in.
Height: 24 in.
Depth: 0.25 in.

Designer Locker Options

  • Sloping hoods prevent items from being stored or hidden on top of lockers and provide an easy to clean surface for a healthy environment
  • Side panels easily attach to ends of lockers and provide a finished and professional appearance to locker installations
  • Additional compartment shelves easily attach to the interior of the locker compartments with brackets (included) and neatly organize locker contents
  • Locker fillers are an ideal option for locker installations that encounter obstructions such as pipes, columns and other obstacles
  • Engraved name/number plates are available as an option upon request
  • Built-in combination or key locks are available for all designer lockers
  • Combination or key padlocks are available for all designer lockers
  • Electronic locks and resettable combination locks are available for all designer lockers
  • Manufactured by an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company.

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Designer Locker Options

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